The Pros and Cons Of DIY and Pro Mouse Control

Mice are a greater threat than you think. They shed dander so light it floats in the air, invisible, and can enter your lungs and cause respiratory issues and aggressively worsen asthma. The feces and urine of a mouse, which they leave on your food as they crawl over it and feed on it, contains a dangerous virus called the Hantavirus which can cause deadly respiratory issues. Mice can chew your house to pieces and one of their favourite chew toys are electric wires that, when chewed could easily cause a fire in your home, not a stove fire that can be put out, but a fire inside of the wall that will be inaccessible to you even if you have a fire extinguisher. 

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This is what having mice means, most people have forgotten that mice were part of the black plague that killed off nearly 90% of Europe. Of that new york city has a rat task force that uses about as much city funds as the drug enforcement agency. Rodents are not a joke, they are not a minor issue, they are the cause of epidemics and billions and billions of dollars in city damage, paid for by the tax payer. 

You can do as you like, it’s a free country. Go to home hardware and buy a couple of traps, it won’t be enough, you will need at least 50 to make a dent in the mouse population. You can buy domestic poison but it rarely works and the mice don’t have a gag reflex so they are very careful about what they eat. Peanut butter works but cheese does not so bait those traps correctly and you may make some headway in a problem humans have been trying to deal with for over ten thousand years. 

Now, everything you do, laying traps and poison, will influence the mice in your home, teach and educate them. They will watch other mice die from a trap or eat poison and die. Because it will take you so long to exterminate them they will have the chance to learn from you and will actively avoid your traps and poison and, possibly, avoid a professional’s poison as well. This is why going DYI for mouse control can destroy your chance of getting the mice out of the house at all. Call a professional right away, they have commercial bait stations that trick the mice into tasting it multiple times and then kills them through desiccation so it will be safe for them to die in walls and will provide no bacterial or smell issue. Now which one sounds better?