Types Of Businesses Susceptible To Mice Infestations

Types Of Businesses Susceptible To Mice Infestations

Mayor Bloomberg of New York City had a rat task force. That task force is still in full thrust to end the rat plague that continues to threaten the largest and most populated city in the world. While domestic households are constantly under threat the real danger is in the number of rats that invade businesses and warehouses. It was found by the UN that in 1982 rats, worldwide, destroyed 30 billion dollars in food. This is enough food to feed most of the hungry people in the world and it was destroyed by rodents. The UN also places rats as one of the greatest threats to civilization as we know it, comparable to global warming and Covid-19.

Mice have the capability to transfer up to 35 different viruses through their urine and feces. To have mice removed contact  ANJ Pest Away for permanent eradication

The greatest danger for businesses and homes is the reproductive rate of mice and rats. Mice are faster but rats are not far behind. They have litters multiple times a year and a single female mouse with multiple male partners can produce dozens of new mice every year who will then do the same. This repeats, constantly, never taking a break from reproduction and eating and chewing on and destroying structures. In new york alone the damage done to structures cost 19 billion dollars in repairs and has since caused billions upon billions more since 2009 when that number was published. 

The sheer destructive force of what is estimated to be 175 million rats in the city of new york alone can bring the city to its knees in days, the city has made rats one of their number one goals. The drug was may seem intense from the outside but it has nothing on the rat taskforce laying poison in sewers and hunting rats through the streets. Like the pigeon situation the city got so coated in pigeon feces that they needed to call in thousands of licensed exterminators to use strychnine, the most dangerous poison that exists, to kill the pigeons in the hope that other animals would avoid the poison coated seeds. 

Like new york, all cities have the same issues. To this day rats plague every city on earth. There is no person, rich or poor, domestic or corporate, small business or mega-corporation that is not, right now, being plagued by rodents. They are truly a threat that may never end and in some minds, the real apocalypse of humanity. The meek will not inherit the earth, it will be the mouse. 



The Pros and Cons Of DIY and Pro Mouse Control

The Pros and Cons Of DIY and Pro Mouse Control

Mice are a greater threat than you think. They shed dander so light it floats in the air, invisible, and can enter your lungs and cause respiratory issues and aggressively worsen asthma. The feces and urine of a mouse, which they leave on your food as they crawl over it and feed on it, contains a dangerous virus called the Hantavirus which can cause deadly respiratory issues. Mice can chew your house to pieces and one of their favourite chew toys are electric wires that, when chewed could easily cause a fire in your home, not a stove fire that can be put out, but a fire inside of the wall that will be inaccessible to you even if you have a fire extinguisher. 

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This is what having mice means, most people have forgotten that mice were part of the black plague that killed off nearly 90% of Europe. Of that new york city has a rat task force that uses about as much city funds as the drug enforcement agency. Rodents are not a joke, they are not a minor issue, they are the cause of epidemics and billions and billions of dollars in city damage, paid for by the tax payer. 

You can do as you like, it’s a free country. Go to home hardware and buy a couple of traps, it won’t be enough, you will need at least 50 to make a dent in the mouse population. You can buy domestic poison but it rarely works and the mice don’t have a gag reflex so they are very careful about what they eat. Peanut butter works but cheese does not so bait those traps correctly and you may make some headway in a problem humans have been trying to deal with for over ten thousand years. 

Now, everything you do, laying traps and poison, will influence the mice in your home, teach and educate them. They will watch other mice die from a trap or eat poison and die. Because it will take you so long to exterminate them they will have the chance to learn from you and will actively avoid your traps and poison and, possibly, avoid a professional’s poison as well. This is why going DYI for mouse control can destroy your chance of getting the mice out of the house at all. Call a professional right away, they have commercial bait stations that trick the mice into tasting it multiple times and then kills them through desiccation so it will be safe for them to die in walls and will provide no bacterial or smell issue. Now which one sounds better? 

How to Kill a Rat Without Setting A Trap?

How to Kill a Rat Without Setting A Trap?

Rats are a rodent with incisors that continue to grow for their whole lives. For this reason, they must chew on hard materials to wear them down. This is the cause of most of the destruction rats cause, from chewing on foundation concrete to making entry holes and chewing on electric wires which are one of their favourites. This could result in a house fire and the loss of everything you have worked for in your life. So if you think you have rats it’s very important you deal with them right away. The most common rat to be found in Ontario is not native to Canada, it is an alien from Norway, hence the name, Norway Rat.

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This rat has no real predators, especially in large cities like Toronto and New York. They are essentially free to do whatever they want and they do. There is a video on The Youtube.com of a rat carrying away an entire large pizza from someone’s front porch. This is how aggressive and comfortable rats have gotten living with humans. They are not afraid of you or your pets and can easily scare off a domestic cat or dog. The best option is setting traps, but if that feels inhumane then there are other methods of extermination and control that can be used. 

The most important thing you must do is to take away their access to food. If they are indoors make sure to vacuum frequently and to keep all food on your plate and to do the dishes right away, do not leave them in the sink because it will attract the rats. You must store food in hard plastic or glass, glass is best as a rat cannot chew it. Your garbage is very important and needs to be sealed tightly and stored in the garage, making sure the door meets the ground tightly at all points. You will have to drain or remove any water feature on your property, coy ponds are a favourite meal of raccoons and rats need to drink water essentially constantly. Get rid of bird feeders and don’t feed pets or children or wildlife of any kind outside. If you do this the rats may have no choice but to vacate your property on their own to find a place with food. 

One of the common causes of a rat infestation is actually impossible to solve without having to sell your home and move. If you live up against a ravine or park you will suffer rodents and wildlife constantly as they endlessly try to break into your home. This can be resolved with properly installed exclusion. Exclusion is the process of sealing up areas and entryways that animals, rodents and even insects can enter. Sealing vents, trenching decks with steel mesh and sealing off your soffits can prevent all kinds of animal or rodent invasion. 

How to Conduct an Exterior Inspection of Your Deck and What to Do Next?

How to Conduct an Exterior Inspection of Your Deck and What to Do Next?

Your deck is a very interesting structure. It can be open on the sides, fenced, or sealed completely. Either way, your deck is about to become a home to a skunk, raccoon or other wildlife animals that will proceed to use that deck as its home, latrine and a place to give birth to many more animals who will chew and rip apart your deck from the inside. So much damage could because the wood could break underfoot and cause you serious harm as one leg falls through your deck. If this is the case and you have an animal living under your deck making noise at night and damaging it then what you need is a deck exclusion. Exclusion is a word used by pest control technicians to represent the sealing off of entryways that animals could use to enter a home. This process is not usually cheap but can be the most effective treatment for rodents and wildlife. It can even be used to keep insects out of your home.  

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The first thing that needs to be done in an inspection of the deck. Look for existing entry points, damage to the fence, is it open or sealed off, can you see an animal or signs of one or do you just hear it? If this is for prevention then you need to think about what kind of animals you want to stop. To seal off the deck is still under threat from burrowing animals and a deck with a lattice can be easily broken or entered by smaller animals. These are the things you will need to think of as you decide how to seal and exclude the deck. Will you remove the lattice and put steel mesh behind it so it does not ruin the look of the deck or do you just need to trench around the deck and seal it off with steel mesh a foot into the ground. This can be a huge job and not knowing what you are doing can lead to openings you did not take into account. If you are serious about exclusion you need to hire a professional wildlife technician to inspect and seal your deck the commercial way. Taking into account every angle and opening they will seal your deck perfectly and provide you with a 2-year warranty of continued protection. 

If this sounds like it will be expensive it will be, the price of exclusion is not cheap and takes a lot of work and knowledge. Learning all that knowledge will cost you more money and time than hiring a technician who can do it all in one day.

How do I conduct an exterior inspection for mice?

How do I conduct an exterior inspection for mice?

There are many different kinds of mice in southern Ontario and not all of them enter at ground level. The house mouse rarely attempts to create its entryways. They tend to wait by the house until a door is left open or to enter under a gap beneath the garage door. House mice are permanent residents and will never leave the house even if their access to food is limited. They move into human homes and occupy them by force, and that force can be enormous. House mice reproduce about twice as fast as wild mice due to their having evolved alongside humanity.

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Wild mice rarely meet humans unless they are out in the woods on a hike but as the winter approaches the deer mouse and the field mouse, the two most common Ontario wild mice will attempt to enter your home. Not the way you would think, however. They can jump and climb great heights and can climb your down-spout or leap from a tree onto your roof. From there they will make an opening, often through a fascia vent, and enter the attic. This allows them to be almost invisible. Unlike house mice, the wild mice hunt for food outside and use the attic for nesting. This means that in the fall you will have to get up on a ladder and get onto your roof to do a complete mouse inspection. Performing an inspection for house mice at the ground level and then inspecting the roof. This is incredibly dangerous and risky, even a young strong man with training risks his life each time he scales a roof. If you are in your senior years or if you have a disability then doing this inspection is impossible and not recommended even if you could do it. 

If you suspect you have rodents in your home the best thing you can do is not to inspect but to prepare. Go outside and remove all detritus from the yard, piles of wood, garbage and piles of leaves. Old tree stumps with rotten holes that mice could hide in as they approach your house. Bird feeders, water sources like pools or ponds or water features like a small water fall will draw rats. You can make sure not to eat outside and to make sure mice have no reason to be on your property. Trim the grass down short so they have nowhere to hide, get rid of any gardens of foliage at the walls of your house as mice can hide in there and make an opening to your home without being noticed.