Types Of Businesses Susceptible To Mice Infestations

Mayor Bloomberg of New York City had a rat task force. That task force is still in full thrust to end the rat plague that continues to threaten the largest and most populated city in the world. While domestic households are constantly under threat the real danger is in the number of rats that invade businesses and warehouses. It was found by the UN that in 1982 rats, worldwide, destroyed 30 billion dollars in food. This is enough food to feed most of the hungry people in the world and it was destroyed by rodents. The UN also places rats as one of the greatest threats to civilization as we know it, comparable to global warming and Covid-19.

Mice have the capability to transfer up to 35 different viruses through their urine and feces. To have mice removed contact  ANJ Pest Away for permanent eradication

The greatest danger for businesses and homes is the reproductive rate of mice and rats. Mice are faster but rats are not far behind. They have litters multiple times a year and a single female mouse with multiple male partners can produce dozens of new mice every year who will then do the same. This repeats, constantly, never taking a break from reproduction and eating and chewing on and destroying structures. In new york alone the damage done to structures cost 19 billion dollars in repairs and has since caused billions upon billions more since 2009 when that number was published. 

The sheer destructive force of what is estimated to be 175 million rats in the city of new york alone can bring the city to its knees in days, the city has made rats one of their number one goals. The drug was may seem intense from the outside but it has nothing on the rat taskforce laying poison in sewers and hunting rats through the streets. Like the pigeon situation the city got so coated in pigeon feces that they needed to call in thousands of licensed exterminators to use strychnine, the most dangerous poison that exists, to kill the pigeons in the hope that other animals would avoid the poison coated seeds. 

Like new york, all cities have the same issues. To this day rats plague every city on earth. There is no person, rich or poor, domestic or corporate, small business or mega-corporation that is not, right now, being plagued by rodents. They are truly a threat that may never end and in some minds, the real apocalypse of humanity. The meek will not inherit the earth, it will be the mouse.